FAQ Glossary

Title Definition
C++ (CPP, C Plus Plus, or C++) A programming language.
CA Certificate Authority. A Certificate Authority is a company that is authorized to issue, renew, and revoke digital certificates after verifying the identity and legitimacy of the requesting party through a registration authority.
Cable Modem A cable modem is a device that enables you to hook up your PC to a local cable TV line and receive data at about 1.5 Mbps . This data rate far exceeds that of the prevalent 28.8 and 56 Kbps telephone modems and the up to 128 Kbps of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and is about the data rate available to subscribers of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) telephone service. A cable modem can be added to or integrated with a set-top box that provides your TV set with channels for Internet access. In most cases, cable modems are furnished as part of the cable access service and are not purchased directly and installed by the subscriber. The actual bandwidth for Internet service over a cable TV line is up to 27 Mbps on the download path to the subscriber with about 2.5 Mbps of bandwidth for interactive responses in the other direction. However, since the local provider may not be connected to the Internet on a line faster than a T-carrier system at 1.5 Mpbs, a more likely data rate will be close to 1.5 Mpbs.
Cache A temporary storage area for frequently accessed or recently accessed data. Having certain data stored in cache, speeds up the operation of the computer. There are two kinds of cache: internal (or memory cache) and external (or disk cache). Internal cache is built into the CPU, and external cache is on the motherboard. When an item is called for, the computer first checks the internal cache, then the external cache, and finally the slower, main storage. A cache hit (accessing data from a cache) takes much less time than retrieving information from the main memory; the cache has high-speed memory chips. The cache may also be used as a temporary storage area for data that will be written to disk when the computer is idle.
Canonical conforming to a general rule or acceptable procedure.
Central Registry VeriSign Global Registry Services (http://www.nsiregistry.com) (VeriSign GRS) is the leading provider of domain name registry services and Domain Name System (DNS) support to the Internet. The division maintains the definitive directory of over 30 million .com, .net, and .org Web addresses and is responsible for the infrastructure that propagates this information throughout the Internet and responds to over 1.5 billion DNS look-ups daily.
CGI Common Gateway Interface is a special type of UNIX program that allows a web server to access an application and transfer the information to your display. An interface-creation scripting program that allows Web pages to be made on the fly, based on information from buttons, checkboxes, text input, etc.
Chargeback A fee charged by a merchant services provider against a merchant account for transactions that are successfully challenged by a credit card holder. After a charge is disputed and adjudicated in the cardholder’s favor, the transaction total and chargeback fee are deducted from the merchant account.
Chat Room A place on the Internet where people go to “chat” with other people. The “rooms” are usually organized by topics.
Click Through Rate Percentage of users who click on a viewed advertisement. This is an indication of the effectiveness of an ad.