My Microsoft Front Page extensions are not working.

My Microsoft Front Page extensions are not working.

Front Page is a great program but because of the complexity of making everything at the touch of a button it has a high possibility of error.

About 90% of all Front Page errors are bad extensions and can be fixed easily. The other is incorrect settings in the program or the actual program is broken.

If your extensions are not working or you cannot publish you will need to re-install your extensions. This is done in your control panel in the Front Page section. First just try to re-install the extensions then if you still have a problem try to delete the extensions and install them from scratch.

Next if it still does not work send a support request to us here: Web Hosting Support

Include in the request that your extensions are not working and we will trouble shoot the site from our offices.

If we cannot fix them from there the next step is to re-install Front Page onto your computer. Maybe 1 out of every 30 Front Page issues is the program itself not working and re-installing the program will fix it.

As far as your settings being correct, here is a quick check list to make sure they are as they should.

Host name is added this way:

So if the domain is you would take the www. off and add the rest.

The user name and password where sent to you in your welcome email and can be retrieved by sending the first four and last four numbers of your credit card in a support request for them.

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