What is .htaccess and mime?

What are .htaccess files?
NOTE: Do not edit the .htaccess file if you are using MS Frontpage! Frontpage uses the .htaccess file, and editing it may cause errors in your configuration.

The .htaccess file can be placed in one or more of your /home/username/domainname-www subdirectories. Among other things, this file can be used to restrict access to other files and web pages.

When a request for a web page is made, the web server first checks for an .htaccess file. The server begins this check by looking for .htaccess in the root of the current web directory, and on down the directory tree until it reaches the the
directory where the requested file resides. Since the placement of the .htaccess file determines when it is executed, this fact can be used to restrict access only in certain subdirectories.

To create an .htaccess file, make a text file as described below and upload it as ".htaccess"
Except for the first function, these will only work for an .htaccess file placed in $-www. Add whichever functions you want to the same file.

How do I add mime types?
You can add mime types to your .htaccess file with a line like:

AddType text/html .xyz
(in this example a page titled "main.xyz" could be read by a web browser as a normal html page

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