What is this? Secure Connection Failed Server uses an invalid security certificate.

At the bottom of the of the iginal-title="All websites are a collection of electronic “pages.” Each Web page is a document formatted in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), and PHP that contain text, images or media objects, Flash (like YouTube), QuickTime videos or Java applets. The “home page” is typically a visitor’s first point of entry and features a site index. Pages can be static or dynamically generated. All frames and frame parent documents are counted as pages.">page you will see a option that says: Add an exception

Just click that and authorize all requests. This error is caused because we sign our own certs for our control panel so the iginal-title="A program used to locate and view HTML documents (Netscape or Microsoft Explorer, for example.)">browser does not know who has made the cert and gives this error. Our self signed certs are just as secure as any other and work exactly the same. We just do not pay the browser companies to register our self signed certs because we know they are trusted. Browsers make their money when people register their SSL certs through them. We do register our certs for all billing connections but for your control panel access it is not needed and you can trust our certs completely.

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