How to cancel an account with a Paypal Subscription

When using paypal it's a little trickier since we cannot confirm the credit card number for iginal-title="The process of verifying that a credit card has sufficient funds (credit) available to cover the amount of the transaction. The authorization also validates the credit card. An authorization is obtained for every sale.">authorization to stop the account. So to protect the website we require the user to cancel the PayPal subscription.

1. Log into your paypal account.
2. Then click "Advanced Search" Bottom of the iginal-title="All websites are a collection of electronic “pages.” Each Web page is a document formatted in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), and PHP that contain text, images or media objects, Flash (like YouTube), QuickTime videos or Java applets. The “home page” is typically a visitor’s first point of entry and features a site index. Pages can be static or dynamically generated. All frames and frame parent documents are counted as pages.">page.
3. Then enter the iginal-title="Electronic mail. Your ISP usually provides this tool. It allows you to send and receive mail (messages) over the Internet. Through email, you can write your friends, ask your ISP a technical question about your service, or even receive an Internet birthday card.">email that we use for new accounts and the date "or iginal-title="The process of sending the batch for settlement.">close to the date". then click "Submit".
4. Click on the subscription listed for us and then click cancel.
It will send the information to us and we will stop your account right away.

To receive our email used for PayPal please contact us: Contact or log into the Account Manager. Of course if this is too tricky then just put in a ticket with your Paypal email and the domain name and we will ask a couple questions to confirm everything then make any changes requested.

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