How do I make a web page?

Starting a website is easier than ever before. With our easy to use system you can log into your account manager here: Account Manager

Then click "open CPanel in a new window" or just add "/cpanel" after your domain to go there directly.

Once your in CPanel you can click "file manager" to simply cut and paste text to a web page.

Or the most popular option is to install Wordpress with the APP installer in your CPanel. This will give you a log in. From there you can add images, text, video, and change the look of the site easily.

We also provide an easy to use Site Builder tool called RV Site Builder. This allows for your site to use templates and be live within minutes.

For advanced users the most common way is with a program called Dreamweaver by Macromedia they also make Flash. Second is with Microsoft Office utilities, these all connect easily through FTP (uploading). The other programs used a lot is NVU, MicroSoft, and Coolpage.

If you want to just sit back we can build you a site for as low as $500 here: Web Design

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