FAQ Glossary

Title Definition
@ Used in an email address, the @ sign joins a username on the left with the server that hosts the electronic mailbox. It is also sometimes used in defining mail exchange records (see MX Record). The @ sign is now the standard protocol worldwide for email addresses.
Additional email Additional email addresses (in addition to the primary) for a domain. The price is currently set at $5 per year per additional email.
A record IP address Pointer.
Abuse Generic term used to complain about or describe spamming.
Ad banner A graphic or a banner on a webpage that when clicked on, takes the surfer to another site.
Ad Clicks A click on an advertisement on a website that takes a surfer to another site.
Ad Views (Impressions) The number of times an ad banner is downloaded and presumably seen by visitors. If the same ad appears on multiple pages simultaneously, this statistic may understate the number of ad impressions, due to browser caching.
Address Verification System (AVS) A service provided by a processor that offers additional features to validate the purchaser as the rightful cardholder by verifying whether the address submitted by the purchaser matches the billing address on file with a credit card company.
ASP Stands for Active Server Pages. A specification for a Web page that is dynamically created by the webserver and contains both HTML and scripting code. With ASP, programs can be run on a webserver in a similar way to CGI scripts, but ASP uses the ActiveX scripting engine to support either VBScript or JScript. When a user requests data from an Active Server Page, the ActiveX server engine reads through the file, sends the HTML back to the browser and executes the script. Active Server Pages were first available on the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 3.0. They have the .ASP filename extension. ASP requires a windows OS system.
Authorization The process of verifying that a credit card has sufficient funds (credit) available to cover the amount of the transaction. The authorization also validates the credit card. An authorization is obtained for every sale.